Bridgit Mendler performing “Deeper Shade of Us” last august

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Bridgit Mendler Gushes Over Demi Lovato & Teases New Music!

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So Bridgit has a song called Christmas Is Coming in the new album? I think that should've been in a christmas album, is it certain?
ranab309 ASKED

No confirmations about this song! All we know is it was written by Bridgit. Might be for disney’s 2014 holiday playlist. I don’t think Bridgit will release a christmas album. 

New song written by Bridgit Mendler registed on ASCAP

Song title “Christmas Is Coming”

Writen by Bridgit Claire Mendler & Jamie Houston

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Bridgit Mendler performing a new song, “Deeper Shade of Us”! 

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It’s just a beautiful song about a relationship thats on the rocks, but you wanna fight for it. It feels like you’d do anything for it. It’s called “Fly to You”
- Bridgit Mendler on “Fly to You” 
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Bridgit Mendler performs NEW SONG “Fly to You”

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