Bridgit Mendler performing a new song, “Deeper Shade of Us”! 

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It’s just a beautiful song about a relationship thats on the rocks, but you wanna fight for it. It feels like you’d do anything for it. It’s called “Fly to You”
- Bridgit Mendler on “Fly to You” 
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Bridgit Mendler performs NEW SONG “Fly to You”

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Feels like somethings missing,
Too long since I got to hold you
& I know, that there’s nothing that I …

Lyrics to “Fly to You” (new song) by Bridgit Mendler

Off what I can hear/tell. Will add more when more clips come up. 

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HOT 105.5 Chats with Bridgit Mendler

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Fly to You clip

clip of Bridgit Mendler performing a new song, “Fly to You”.

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Bridgit’s looking gorgeous at Big Red Music Festival tonight!

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Bridgit Mendler — See The Real Me | Clean & Clear

Bridgit Mendler is best known from her singing and acting career, but she wants to be seen as more than that. Bridgit would like the world to see her as just another college student. Even though she is afraid of her new classmates judging her for being a performer, she shares her story and they accept her for who she really is. The real Bridgit is just like any other student.

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@bridgitmendler is so normcore chic right now. What do I even do?”

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